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What to do to make a guy fall in love?

Do you think that guys are so primitive that you can twist them, how will you get into your head? What to do to the guy fell in love with you by the ears at your momentary desire? Well, let's see what to do to make a guy fall in love.

Women's stereotypes

Women are sure that men think the same way they do. Therefore, the beautiful half of humanity is fixated on its appearance, wasting time and money on hair-makeup and manicure-pedicure. And at the same time, piously believes that this will surely help the stronger sex to fall in love with himself. And women are sure that the cutesy behavior makes them languid and mysterious in the eyes of men, and the flip-flop - unpredictable.

Male look

Men love with their eyes - this is a law carved into granite. The appearance of a woman is the only thing a man falls in love with at first sight. But for the stronger sex, appearance is not the definition of “style and fashion,” and definitely not makeup with a pedicure. No, makeup is necessary, as well as a pedicure, but only in moderation,and not as the war paint of the militant Amazons. This repels men, not giving them the opportunity to take a closer look at the woman. Chestism is perceived by a man as a frank game to the public, moreover, causing only a feeling of rejection. And the woman's flimsy and completely deprives a man of confidence - the confidence that she is able to answer for her actions and control them in general. In short, a fool inadequate in the role of a princess on a pea ...

What to do so that the guy fell in love

Naturally, the appearance in the foreground. But not the notorious “make-up and manicure” beauty, but health and grooming. It is in this order that men set priorities in assessing the appearance of a woman. A woman's health can be visually determined by her shape and gait. I think it’s superfluous to explain that “a man is not a dog, he does not throw a bone”. But the extra weight does not decorate the female figure, nor does it facilitate her walking.

In fact, men are attracted to the female body. It must meet the requirements that makes to a woman not a fashion for the next type of “models”, but Nature, as to the future mother. Breast should be - the size does not matter if it is available.The hips should be round, not sharp, due to the clearly protruding pelvic bones. Long legs are good, but men prefer straight, with well-formed calves. Flat belly and elastic ass provide a straight back, thanks to which a woman bears all her advantages. Everything is interconnected!

In general, if you are a girl with forms that meet the requirements of Nature in terms of the function of future motherhood, if your walk is light and graceful, and your fifth point does not drag on asphalt, then you have every chance to fall in love with a guy.

"Well, what to say, what to say ..."

Yes, you have only chances so far. Because you still need to have brains “at the place of their registration” in order to know what to say to the guy so that he fell in love without looking back. After all, the language is not in vain given to man, but for a woman the language is a terrible, but sweet weapon. In all senses!

So, what to say to a guy to fall in love with you like a boy?

Talk to him about your feelings for him. Not necessarily the first to confess in love, and not even desirable. Although, more and more recently, the calls of “militant feminists” about the equal rights of women to the first step in relationships are sounding, all the same, you shouldn’t “beat your boyfriend in the forehead with the words:“ I love you! ”This frightens men - it scares the arising responsibilities and subsequent obligations.A woman can talk about feelings unobtrusively and gradually, gently and very mysteriously. And it's called flirting. Only in no case can you do it rudely and tactlessly. Flirting should be refined, like a train of alluring aroma of refined spirits. A play on words and a certain understatement, intertwined in mysterious phrases with a hint that everything is possible, give a woman charming lightness and airiness in flirting. Learn to use language and speech correctly, and then every guy will listen to you, holding his breath and catching every word.

You can tell a guy anything but criticism. If you want the guy to fall in love, then no complaints, convictions and other words that beat the male ego. And no own problems to discuss with the guy you like. Do not even think about loading it with a question: “How do you treat me?” Or “What do you think about me?” To fall in love with a guy, you cannot force him to think about his feelings towards himself. Remember once and for all and tell your daughters: a man loves unconsciously, he just loves everything. To ask him again: “For what?” Is the path to the collapse of your relationship. He will think about it.And you know what? He will find the car of your faults and another small cart of your imperfections. And he will be right! Because in order for a guy to fall in love with you, you have to love yourself and be 110% self-confident.

You know, I want to reveal to you one little secret of the relationship between a man and a woman. Men fall in love to love, and women fall in love to know that they are loved. Re-read and "digest this phrase." It may be difficult for you to understand, but in fact the formula of love is simple, like the formula of water - only 2 elements. Nature is wise, but not abstruse.

Conspiracy to love

Of course, there are conspiracies for love, for binding yourself and other suppression of the free will of the guy you like. There are "knowledgeable", ready to "help." But think about it yourself. Well, tie you to the one you liked today, and tomorrow - opa! And I liked the other! And what to do already three times "unloved"? Kill, so as not to suffer? Or to leave the mainland to get rid of the guy in love with you?

Therefore, to give out in the open access of the Internet a conspiracy so that the guy falls in love, you forgive me, but I will not. But I can help in another - to conspire, so that the guy falls in love with you himself, truly, having discerned in you all your virtues and recognizing in you all your shortcomings.


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