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What to do to make the milk burn out?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
December 22, 2014
What to do to make the milk burn out?

After the woman wean the baby, milk continues to arrive for some time. In this case, the mammary glands stretch and often hurt. To get rid of this, you need to stop lactation. Let's talk about what can be done to make the milk burn out faster.


Burn out breast milk in just a few days will help special medications. Among the most popular and effective pills for stopping lactation are the following:

  • Bromocriptine;
  • Abergin;
  • Parlodel;
  • Cabergolin;
  • Dostinex.

Please note that in most cases the pills to stop lactation are hormonal drugs. They have a strong effect on the organs of the endocrine system and the brain. After their use, the occurrence of side effects (formation of cysts, kidney problems, etc.) and deterioration of general well-being are not excluded.Only a doctor can prescribe such drugs, so you first need to see a specialist and, if necessary, be examined.

Folk remedies

Sparingly on the body affecting folk remedies, however, the milk with their use burns out within a few weeks. As folk remedies, diuretic herbs are used: horsetail, pommel, parsley, beans, lingonberry, basil, jasmine and sage. On the basis of their cook broths. So, 3 tbsp. spoons of raw materials should be poured 200 ml of boiling water, then leave to infuse for 1 hour, and then strain. Take the broths should be 3-4 times a day, 50 ml. Along with them, you can drink decoctions of soothing herbs, as for mothers the interruption of feeding is always accompanied by great stress.

Alternative way

To make milk burn out without harm to health, it is recommended to wear a tight bra after weaning the baby from the breast. It should be pitted and made of natural fabric. When your breasts hurt, express your milk with a breast pump. These days, give up hot liquid food, drinks and teas. How much milk will be burned with this method? The approximate period is 3-5 days. You yourself will notice how the breast becomes soft and the seals disappear in it.

In some sources for fast burning of milk it is advised to pull the breast strongly with a cloth. But to do this is strongly not recommended - this method can lead to breast deformity and the occurrence of mastitis.


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