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What to feed a cow?

Anna Yaroshenko
Anna Yaroshenko
May 3, 2015
What to feed a cow?

Virtually no agriculture can do without a cow, because milk, cottage cheese, sour cream are all indispensable products for our diet.

But how to feed a cow so that its milk is truly nutritious? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Proper food is a source of health.

What a cow feeds affects the quality of its milk and meat. The daily rate of a dairy cow in the summer period is at least 70 kg of various feed. In winter, a cow should eat daily: 8 kilograms of meadow hay, 4 kilograms of spring straw, 5 kilograms of silage from grasses, 4 kilograms of potatoes, 3 kilograms of fodder beet, 2 kilograms of red fodder carrots, 8 kilograms of food waste, 0.5 bread remains, 1 a kilogram of wheat bran and 70 grams of salt.

Full feeding is very important for this animal - otherwise the amount of milk will inexorably decrease. Especially important is the protein content in the diet, since the absence of such leads to a decrease in the body weight of the animal and a deterioration in the quality of milk.

As a cow belongs to the ruminant family, bulky food is important to her. It can be rough (hay, straw, haylage), succulent and melon crops, as well as herbs that grow on pastures. We should not forget about the vitamins found in carrots, fresh cabbage, thyme, and Jerusalem artichoke. Calcium, which is so important for this animal, can be obtained from chalk, phosphore powder and precipitate. The beetroot is also necessary for the stew, since it is a milk-bearing product and increases milk yield.

A few days before calving it is necessary to exclude concentrated feed, as well as root vegetables. You can not give the cows, which will soon have to settle, watery feed - bagasse, bard. When animals use this food, there may be problems with the birth of calves and the general state of health of the cows.

Nutrition Features of the Cow

As a rule, the nutrition of the animal takes two or three doses. The daily rate is divided into several portions and give the animal. It is advisable to feed the cow for hours - it improves her digestion. In addition, the accustomed to a clear regime burenka will be hungry for a certain time and eat their portion with a big appetite.

In summer, cows are better not to give concentrated feed, replacing them with cereal grains. Especially useful will be the young grass, rich in vitamins, which grows on pasture. Overfeeding with proteins for the cow is undesirable, so it is better to keep bran and oilcake before winter. In severe winter days, the cow will not be able to eat fresh grass, so it can be fed with straw. It is advisable to pour the crushed product with lightly salted water and give the bore in a moist form.

A great addition to the diet can be chaff. In winter, these wastes of grain and leguminous crops diversify the food of the animal, so they can be safely used for feeding cattle.


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