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What to give a five year old child?

Five years is still so little, but at the same time a lot. A five-year-old child is already a person who has certain character traits, tastes and preferences. And so the choice of a gift for a child of this age can be taken by surprise. And what kind of gifts do the five-year-olds especially like? Let's figure it out!

Several important points that will help determine the choice

There are several features of development, characteristic of the five years of age, which can help to choose a suitable gift:

  1. From the age of five it is possible and even necessary to begin preparing for school. But at this age many children are inattentive and restless, so it is important to be able to interest the future student, to draw his attention to learning. For this you can use interesting educational materials and accessories that allow you to conduct classes in the form of a game.
  2. At this age, it is especially important to take care of the physical form of the child, since the skills laid down during this period will set the level of training, will be used in the future, will allow you to keep in shape, and will also determine your future lifestyle and increase activity.
  3. In five years, the child probably has certain preferences and interests, and they certainly need to be taken into account when buying a gift. Chad may like animals, outdoor games, nature, certain colors, any characters of comics or cartoons. And a surprise, tailored to the child's tastes, will surely be pleasant for him.
  4. Five years is the peak of the development of creative abilities. And attempts to show imagination and develop abilities must necessarily be supported, in which gifts of a certain category can help. And in order to find something useful, you can watch the child and find out what he likes the most: draw, sculpt, invent stories or something else.
  5. A five-year-old child needs care, communication, and increased attention. And therefore it is best to give him such gifts that will allow you to spend more time with your parents or friends, show your best qualities, maintain team spirit and simply contact with others.

Games and toys

What to give a child for 5 years for a birthday or other holiday? It is important to take into account that most of his life and free time is occupied by games, and this is normal,after all, while playing, the child learns the world, learns to go to the goal and work in a team, develops talents and skills, and simply receives pleasant emotions. But all gaming sessions should be useful and promote development.

A few toys and games that a five-year-old child will definitely like:

  • Constructor. A child of either sex will collect him with joy and enthusiasm. And modern models are distinguished by large size of parts, safety, brightness and a huge variety of forms, which allows to train logic, fine motor skills and spatial thinking without harm and risk to health.
  • Various board games in which parents and relatives of the child can participate, as well as his friends. But it is necessary to choose options that are suitable for age and have a low level of complexity, otherwise young players simply will not understand the rules.
  • Outdoor games, for example, Twister, bowling, darts (of course, not with needles, but with stickies or magnets), badminton and others.

Advice: all boys will be happy with radio-controlled helicopters, boats and cars, and girls - like plush stuffed toys, kitchen sets and dolls, especially interactive ones.

Educational and educational gifts

Developing or teaching a gift, but certainly an interesting one, can help start training for school or simply contribute to harmonious development.

A few ideas:

  • Learning computer or tablet. With its help, the future student will be able to learn letters and numbers, learn the basics of reading and writing, learn to draw, solve simple problems.
  • Book. It should be interesting for a five-year-old child and supplemented with clear and colorful illustrations. At first she can read her child together with her parents, and then, when she learns letters, independently. Various children's encyclopedias with illustrative examples and interesting facts are especially helpful.
  • Puzzle or puzzle. At first all this may seem strange and complicated to the child, but, having penetrated into the process, the child will be interested and will try to get to the bottom of the matter.

First technique

Although it is too early to use household appliances at five, some of them can be very interesting for a five-year plan. For example, you can give your child a simple camera, with which the little photographer can explore the world, capture the best moments, join the beauty and get the aesthetic pleasure from the pictures taken.

Another unusual device, especially popular in Soviet times, is a projector with film strips. Modern models are very different from those used twenty to thirty years ago: they allow you to transfer images to any surface, to reproduce sounds. They can be purchased with cartridges with fairy tales, cartoons and even educational and cognitive materials.

If the child is not developed over the years and shows an interest in gadgets, then you can give him a tablet. Install several tutorials on it, download useful cartoons. But access to the Internet should be provided strictly under parental control. Also, you should limit the time of using the gadget to half an hour a day.

Gifts for creativity

It is useful and necessary for a five-year-old child to develop his creative abilities, and special gifts that allow him to create and show imagination will help in this. These are all kinds of modeling kits, miniature musical instruments, kits for engraving, kinetic sand. The girl can give accessories for weaving bracelets or making other jewelry,design studio or mannequin to create different hairstyles, and the boy will be happy with the first set of tools, albeit small and as safe as possible.

Sports Gifts

In order for a child to become accustomed to sport and acquire new skills from childhood, you can give him something to develop physical abilities, such as skates or skates, a bicycle, a scooter, a running bike, or something else. The boy can be given a ball, a mini-punching bag with gloves. The girl is sure to appreciate such gifts as a hoop, jump rope, jumper.

Clothes and pleasant things

At the age of five, the child begins to form taste and style, so he will probably be happy to receive new clothes as a gift. Girls can give dresses, skirts, beautiful T-shirts with their favorite characters, thin beautiful tights. It is better for the boy to hand a t-shirt, shorts or breeches, a baseball cap or shirt.

Young fashionistas will certainly appreciate the accessories and nice cute little things. For example, a little lady will definitely be happy with a beautiful hairpin, purse, purse or backpack, beautiful jewelry, and hygienic lipstick with the aroma and taste of fruits or berries that smell pleasantly eau de parfum.Boys are less demanding of such additions, but they can give charms, baseball caps, belts.

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