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What to sew a coat?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
March 14, 2013
What to sew a coat?

The choice of style and suitable fittings are among the factors that should be considered when deciding to sew a coat. However, the most important is the choice of fabric. It depends on the convenience and durability of the coat.

Selection of fabric depending on the season

  • For a winter coat, loose fabrics made of pure wool (beaver or cashmere), and of wool with the addition of artificial fibers, such as Nitron or Dacron, are suitable. They look beautiful, comfortable and keep warm well.
  • Deciding what to sew a coat for demi-season use, you can stop the choice on thin cashmere, or smooth fabrics such as tweed, velor, ratin, drape, colorful boucle.
  • For sewing a summer coat, you can use gabardine or thick silk.

The choice of fabric depending on the destination

  • Coat for everyday wear should be sewn from fabrics of muted or dark gamma.
  • Fabrics of light colors are perfect for an elegant weekend coat.
  • For a light overcoat, you can use rich, bright or complex colors of red, blue or green.

The choice of fabric, depending on the cut

  • Lightweight but thick fabrics with a textured surface and bristle are suitable for sewing a volumetric coat with a straight or oval silhouette, for short models with hoods and loosely tied belts.
  • Thin and smooth materials such as boucle, cashmere, thin drape, or velveteen are used in tight-fitting coats.

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