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What to wear heels with?

Heels can sing ode and praise them to the skies, just as they themselves extol their owners. But before you decide what to wear heels with, let's look at what they are.

  • Viennese heel - elegant detail up to two centimeters, comfortable and useful for the legs.
  • A brick - heel length from 2 to 4 cm and in shape resembling a square. If you are a rare owner of growth from 180 cm, you will certainly like it.
  • V-shaped - wide and high heel, the back side of which is longer than the front. Despite the height, it creates a large footprint, is comfortable and lengthens the legs.
  • Cowboy - the rear part is sloping, the upper surface is tilted, it is very comfortable and although it seems rough in itself, the women's legs in it look sleeker.
  • Cone - strongly narrowed downwards, from 5 to 12 cm in height.
  • A glass is a heel wide at the base and strongly narrowed downwards, the shape resembles a glass, usually not higher than 7 cm.
  • Column - straight and very stable heel height from 5 cm.
  • Wedge - solid sole with rise in the heel.
  • The hairpin is a high and thin heel from 8 to 12 cm with a metal rod inside.

High heels

The high heel is a faithful companion of high fashion, because it goes well with almost any business, evening wear. What to wear with high heels? This is a universal option that can be combined with dresses, skirts, sundresses, strict trouser suits. The only thing that probably doesn�t fit well with high heels is jeans.

If you have decided to stand on a high heel, then one simple rule applies - this is not an everyday option. High-heeled shoes look strict, elegant and sexy, which means that clothing should complement this image.

In 2013, the high heel is more relevant than ever, in a trend pointed, thin heels, studs. As for the colors, in addition to the classic black, the actual classic brown, raspberry, gray, green, mustard, which can be seen in the collections Guess, H & M, Geox and Blink.

Low heels

If you prefer a strong footing to high prospects, you can hardly ignore low-heeled shoes. So, low thick heel - what to wear? In contrast to high, low heels go well with retro style, with any skirts, including pencil skirt and sun skirt.In addition, low-heeled shoes are a faithful companion of capri jeans and jeans narrowed downwards, but not with wide legs. Even if you are the owner of small stature, low-heeled shoes will still look elegant and relevant. In 2013, this trend is confirmed by the appearance of low-heeled ballet shoes.

General trends

When asked about what heels can be worn with, each woman of fashion answers in her own way. The general trends for spring-summer 2013 are such that shoes with medium heels and open toes come to the fore. Particularly relevant are thin studs and a high, thick heel. Stand alone shoes with flat and with a double strap.

Heel generally becomes the main focus of the season. Whatever height it is, if only it was original. Therefore, on the main podiums of the world, legs gleam on a round heel, curved inside out, in the shape of a heart and with decorative protruding slips.


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