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What was the most successful Olympiad for us?

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Answered on November 22, 2014 17:29
What is the conversation, of course, "Sochi-2014"! It was a real extravaganza! We won not only by the number of gold medals, but also by the total number of medals! I searched for information on the Internet and it seems that this has never happened before! Well, now who will say that Russia is not the same today? All that! Only whiners will always be there. We were not only able to win the Olympics, but also the smarter to take it! And not only in the fantastic opening and closing ceremonies, but also in how everything was organized, I was there and I can say that the work of the volunteers was excellent! Go Russia!))))
Answered 18 december 2014 17:43
I can say what was the most trashy and scandalous in Salt Lake City in 2002.

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