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What watch fighter?

Leonid Veselov
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What watch fighter?

In the evening, you and your friends wondered what action movie to watch, and for half an hour trying to find something worthwhile? It's okay now we will try to understand this issue together.

What action movie is worth seeing?

Well, first you need to decide what you want to see on your screen? If these are action films about street fights or crazy police chasing after criminals in the best traditions of American cinema, then you should pay attention to such films as: S.W.A.T. (Special Forces of the city of angels) or for example Mission Impossible. If you are a martial arts lover, then you should not pass by films about the great Russian fighter and prisoner Yury Boyk, this is the film �Undisputed� 2,3, and also pay attention to the films �Never Give Up� 1,2, in them also touched on the topic of martial arts. As for the high budget and box-office films, then, as they say, the eyes diverge. What action movie can I watch? For lovers of novels A.K.Doyle in 2011 came the continuation of an exciting action movie about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes called "Sherlock Holmes. A game of shadows," this part appealed to more people than the first. For those who read Greek mythology at school, Warner Bros. For the past several years in a row, it has been arranging real holidays by first releasing the film �Battle of the Titans�, and after it the �Wrath of the Titans�. And, of course, you can not forget about the sensational film this year based on the novels by E. Burrows �John Carter�. The film tells about the adventures of young John Carter on the planet Mars, I advise all fans of fiction and just a good movie to watch.

What movie to watch, action movies in the cinema:

And finally, several new products that are strongly recommended for viewing in the cinema in the very near future. The creators of the famous "Transformers" delight us with another hit called "Sea battle" in which humanity will again have to fight with alien invaders. The company Marvel decided to collect all the superheroes in one film and to please the audience with their new creation this spring.I advise all fans of the creativity of such actors as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to start revising �People in Black� 1.2, as this May the long-awaited �People in Black 3� will be released in cinemas. So refresh your memory and meet at the cinema!


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