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When do birds fly away?

Elena Evseeva
Elena Evseeva
May 18, 2015
When do birds fly away?

When the cold season comes to Russia, many birds fly away to warm regions for wintering. The main reasons for this are that it gets too cold and there is no food.

In general, the migration of birds occurs in the period of late August-mid November. Each species of birds has its own dates of departure to warm countries.

When the birds fly away: the time of migration

  • At the end of August in Russia it is already getting colder for cuckoos - they leave our lands first.
  • Swifts and swallows are next in line. They usually fly away in the very first days of September.
  • In early September, thrushes, finches, wagtails, starlings also fly away. They prefer to live through the winter in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Ducks, cranes and sandpipers, also flying away during this period, live near the Nile; hoopoes, flycatchers, corncrakes and snipe are sent to Africa; snakes prefer Transcaucasia.
  • The middle of September is the time of departure of the mallard ducks. They like the south of the Caspian Sea, the Black, Azov and Mediterranean seas, the Transcaucasus, Iran and the British Isles.
  • Geese start to leave their homeland in mid-September, but a massive flight occurs at the end of this month.They like to spend the winter in the Crimea, on the Sivash and the Caspian.

The flight of birds to warm countries is a gradual process, the dates are always determined approximately. Birds migrate in flocks, often wander, as the path is not long and many obstacles need to be overcome. For landmarks, birds use large geographical objects: mountains, rivers, coasts of the seas, etc.


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