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When put cucumbers in the ground?

Elena Alekseeva
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When put cucumbers in the ground?

Growing cucumbers begins with the choice of the place of their planting in the open ground. It is better to choose the place where the plant will be least exposed to the wind. However, note that cucumbers should get enough sun during growth.

Preparatory work

Before planting cucumbers in the ground, it must be prepared. And it should be done in the autumn - to properly fertilize the earth with manure and dig it up. In the spring you need to once again dig up the soil.

Immediately before planting (and preferably a couple of days before) the land should be shed with boiling water and covered with foil. And only then proceed to the landing.

Answering the question when planting cucumbers in the ground, it should be noted that there is no specific date, you need to monitor the heating of the soil. As a rule, this is May (middle or near the end). Watch the night temperature - it should be, on average, 15 degrees. Otherwise, the seedlings may freeze.

It is equally important to choose and prepare the cucumber seeds themselves for planting.Usually gardeners take seeds from last year's harvest, but it�s better to take those who are two or more years old - they have better germination.

Before sowing, soak the seeds for about 16 hours, maintaining the temperature at 20 degrees.

To avoid barren flowers, the seeds are heated for about a month on the battery. Last year's seeds just hold for three hours at 60 degrees.

After that, the seeds are ready for planting.


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