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Where did TNT go?

Alexander Duz
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Where did TNT go?

Many users of "Tricolor TV" are concerned about the issue of where TNT has gone. This popular entertainment channel disappeared from the lists of Tricolor standard packages in April 2012. In particular, the changes affected the packages "Optimum" and "Basic".

According to the Tricolor management, TNT was deliberately excluded from the list of free channels on April 1, 2012. The channel has been transferred from the publicly available Basic package to the Optimum package. In turn, the Style and Fashion TV Channel, which is designed for a female audience, was moved in the opposite direction. He offers his viewers interesting programs about fashion trends, style, proper lifestyle and home comfort.

How to return TNT

If you are a �Tricolor TV� subscriber and when TNT is turned on, �Coded DRE channel� is displayed on the screen, this means that you need to subscribe to the package �Optimum�. Otherwise, you can not watch TNT.

If you are subscribed to the Optimum package, but you don�t find the TNT channel, search for channels to update the list.To do this, just go to the menu of the receiver and select the item �Search for Tricolor TV channels�. After you click the "OK" button the search will start. After its termination, do not forget to save the new list of TV channels.

Now you know what happened to TNT (entertainment channel) and how to get it back to your TV.


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