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Where do squirrels live?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
February 1, 2015
Where do squirrels live?

Walking through the woods or in the park, you can often see squirrels jumping along the branches. But where do squirrels live? The forest is a natural habitat for squirrels, but they are also found in large urban parks. Squirrels live on trees, giving particular preference to pine, larch, fir, cedar. These trees help to mask the dwellings of squirrels well, and the needles are used in the construction of nests.

On deciduous trees hollows are often found, which squirrels use as their shelters. If there is no suitable hollow, as often happens with coniferous trees, the squirrel builds a nest, which is called a gayn. This nest has the shape of a ball, the squirrel makes it from dry branches. It is built at a fork of thick branches and has a diameter of about 30 centimeters. From the inside, the squirrels spread their nest with fur, crushed bark, moss and dry leaves. In winter, the nest becomes a very warm haven for squirrels.

Each squirrel has several similar nests and moves from one to another every few days. Male squirrels usually do not build nests, occupying empty bird nests or even birdhouses. In each nest, squirrels hide stocks for the winter: nuts, dried mushrooms and berries, seeds.


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