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Where is Disneyland?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
December 18, 2012
Where is Disneyland?

Perhaps every modern child knows and dreams of getting into the fairy-tale camp, created according to the plan of the great animator of Walt Disney - Disneyland! But where is Disneyland? Which country to go to get into this amazing and magical world?

There are five Disney parks in the world. Two of them are in the homeland of the multiplier in the United States, the only European park in France, near Paris. Two Disneylands are located in Asia: in Chinese Hong Kong and Japanese Tokyo.

  • The very first Disneyland was opened in 1955 in the American California in the city of Anaheim. It was he who became the prototype of all other entertainment parks named after Disney. Disneyland is not just a park with amazing rides, it is a whole world created so that both kids and adults do not stop believing in fairy tales and magic. California Disneyland consists of several theme parks, each of which is dedicated to a specific cartoon character.There is a park about the history of the “golden state” itself; a whole network of hotels, restaurants, snack bars and shops. In Disneyland has everything for recreation and entertainment.
  • The second American Disneyland is located in Florida, in the city of Orlando. This park is distinguished by its high technology and huge size, much larger than the original. It occupies almost 11 hectares. Its opening took place in 1971.
  • European Disneyland near Paris opened in 1992 and immediately became a place of pilgrimage for children and adults from all over Europe and beyond. Now Paris Park is visited by about 13 million visitors a year.
  • Disneyland in Tokyo is considered the largest and most colorful among all its “brothers”. And the Disney Chinese House, located in Hong Kong (Hong Kong), broke the weight of possible attendance records. This park is so popular that it can not accept everyone.

Each Disneyland reflects the characteristics and color of the country in which it is located. However, it saves at the same time a unique and amazing world of magic, fairy tales, amazing heroes and unforgettable adventures. Where is Disneyland? Perhaps he is inside everyone who believes in miracles!


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