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Where is Podolsk?

April 25, 2015
Where is Podolsk?

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On the one hand, Podolsk is a small city, and on the other - a very interesting city. You should definitely visit it for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of mankind, because the first finds in this city indicate that the population in Podolsk appeared back in the 7th millennium BC. In this article we will look at where Podolsk is located and what are the most remarkable aspects of this city.

Location of the city

The city of Podolsk is located on the Moskvoretsko-Okskaya plain. Near the city is the river Pakhra. You can navigate relative to the Moscow Ring Road, as the city is located 15 kilometers from this road. The territory of Podolsk is predominantly flat, there is a large elevation difference. The name of the city comes from the name of the village Podol. In the time of troubles, serious fighting broke out in this village. Documents preserved in 1606, which speak of the battles on Pakhra. Now Podolsk is a dynamically developing city. The industry in the city is quite developed, the city itself belongs to the Moscow region.

It is industry that is the basis of the city’s economy. The city produces pharmaceutical products, control, power, measuring and other types of cables, the release of copper wires, a chemical and metallurgical plant, as well as many building factories. The city is most famous for its bakery. There are quite a lot of supermarkets, networks of electronic stores, mobile operators, and so on. Housing construction is actively under way, the social sphere is developed, including health care and education.


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