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Where to buy motor oil and what?

I ask for advice, I rarely drive in my car, mostly on weekends, it turns out that I roll about 2000 km in a year. Do I need to change the oil in a year under these conditions? Where and what motor oil to buy in St. Petersburg?
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Answered on February 14, 23:25
An oil change is made somewhere every 5,000 km, but in your case you really need to change it earlier, because in this case the engine needs more attention.
Answered on February 14, 23:40
I think that if winter is not too frosty, then you can travel for two years on one oil, but I would change it just in case. Buy a good quality motor oil, genuine is not so easy, look in Metro or in online stores as recommended by friends. I bookmarked this site, but I have not bought it yet.
Answered on February 14, 23:48
So that there were no problems with the engine, let the engine run at least 3-4 hours at a working temperature at least once a week and see if there is any condensate.As for the oil - I buy only imported.

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