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Where to flood games

If you download games to a computer, they are usually installed on the C: system disk. However, in order to save disk space, you can install on a separate logical partition of a hard disk. For example, if you have a D: drive on your system, you can install your games on it. This not only does not affect the operability of the installed software, but will be able to save the necessary space for the system to ensure the normal functioning of the software and leave space for installing more important programs in Windows.
On a portable PSP console, games are downloaded using a computer. Connect the device with a cable and select the USB connection mode. In the Windows menu that opens, select "Open folder to view files", then go to the ISO directory and copy there downloaded from the Internet in ISO and CSO formats.
Then you can disconnect the console from the computer and go to the “Games” section of the device.It is worth noting that this method only works for flashed PSP. If you have a device with official firmware, you can use the device's GAME folder, but not all games placed there will be launched.
Android games are installed and placed in the operating system automatically. Thus, after selecting the desired game in the Play Market, it will be copied to the desired section of the device’s memory. If you want to install the game from your computer, you can also place the APK file of the game in any directory on the device from which it will be convenient for you to launch it.
If you install the Android game from the Internet and you are invited to additionally install the cache for the full functioning of the game, follow the instructions presented on the site. The cache is usually located on a flash drive in the / Android / cache folder, but this directory may vary depending on the version of the application.

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