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Which bank to get a loan?

It's no secret that now the banks are working in full force. Bank employees are well aware that in our difficult times, people need money. But, before you make a contract, a person should definitely find out which bank to take out a loan from.

Types of loans

Before you start processing, you need to know what types of loans exist at all. Loans for individuals are:

  • Consumer;
  • Mortgage;
  • Study loan;
  • Car loan;
  • Cash loan;
  • Credit to pay for goods or services.

Before you decide on a loan, you need to choose the right bank.

Bank choice

First of all, citizens choose the bank with the lowest percentage. You also need to check the reputation of the bank. For example, ask around friends who took a loan there. And find out how the bank behaved in certain situations, how long it took to make a decision on the contract and whether it made concessions to the borrower. In addition, when choosing a bank, you need to take into account the interest rate from the amount of the initial payment.The best option is when the down payment is more and the subsequent percentage is less. It is also necessary to consider the commission and the possibility of early repayment of the loan. Bankers are well aware that if the client repays the debt in advance, they lose their main income. And therefore, many banks have introduced a commission for early repayment of the loan. After all, it is more profitable to pay in small amounts for a long time than to immediately pay a large commission for early repayment.

Now, many banks offer loans with the lowest interest rates to customers who do not apply to them for the first time. But, do not rush to run and sign the contract, carefully re-read the conditions, perhaps the bank covers its income, with any interest for maintaining and opening an account.

List of banks

Now a very large selection of banks. Let's look at what banks offer loans and at what interest rates. The most important condition when choosing a bank is an annual percentage, the lower the annual percentage, the more profitable the offer.

The best interest rates offered in such banks:

  • Car loans: in Gazprombank - 8.33%, in Smolensk Bank - 9.66%, in Rosselkhozbank - 9.83%, in BNP Paribas Vostok - 9.8%.
  • Mortgage: in the Bank "VTB 24" - 7.74% (with secondary housing), in the "Moscow Credit Bank" and "Sberbank" - 10%, in the "Orient Express Bank" - 10.5%.
  • Consumer credit is better to take in: Vostochny Express Bank - 10.55%, in Loko-Bank and National Bank TRUST - 11.4%, in Renaissance Capital - 12%, in Sovietsky - 12 , 9%, in TransCreditBank - 13.2%.
  • Educational loan: in Sberbank - 4.94% (with state subsidies), in Credit Europe Bank - 9%, in Banque Societe Generale Vostok and Rosselkhozbank - 12%, in Svedbank - 13, 56%.

Choose a bank and choose the most suitable loan, you can here: "". Following the link, you can quickly determine which bank to take a loan.


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