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Which operator to choose

Choose an operator whose services are used by your relatives, friends and acquaintances with whom you communicate most often. Conversations within the network are much cheaper compared to calls to phones of other telecom operators. Therefore, if you want to be constantly in touch with relatives, the question of which operator to choose is decided by itself.
Pay attention to the cost of communication services, if you are still not sure which operator to choose. Find out how much is a minute of conversation. In addition, it should be remembered that the advertised services do not always correspond to reality, and the real cost of a minute conversation may be higher than promised. Always read in full the information written in the documents of the company and on the pages of its official website. Many important details are often written in small print at the very bottom.
Find out what services your service provider offers with this or that tariff. Often, lucrative offers of companies are not at all suchas in advertising. Along with them are connected various costly options, thanks to which the operator remains in profit. Pay special attention to subscription services: if you make a wrong choice and install unnecessary services on your phone, a different amount of money can be debited from your account every day.
Familiarize yourself with the cost of Internet traffic, since this option is in most cases necessary and can be decisive when it comes to the question of which cellular operator to choose. You can use the Internet with payment for the amount of traffic spent or with a fixed daily or monthly subscription fee.
Chat with your friends and ask about how they evaluate the use of the services of an operator. It is important that these people are in the same city and district as you can assess the quality of communication. Ask how much money and for what services it takes a day or a month, what you need to pay attention to when connecting and buying a SIM card. All this will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses and make the right choice.

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