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Which resort to choose?

Who among us does not dream of taking a vacation and it is interesting to relax at the resort. Well, firstly, you need to determine for yourself what time of year to go, to which country and what you want from the rest. In this article we will look at which resort to choose for a great pastime. In every season, every country is popular.

Beach View

This type of holiday is very popular. Some resorts in the beach holiday interesting excursions, wellness treatments, active entertainment. What a vacation to choose in the beach season.

  • Summer holidays - the peak of the beach season. At this time, open all the resorts of the Black and Mediterranean Seas. If you care about the price of the issue, it will be more economical to relax in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, Abkhazia, the Crimea, Bulgaria and Turkey. Holidays on the Mediterranean Sea will be more expensive. You will enjoy the Krasnodar region, there are hotels of all levels, all conditions for families with children. And one more plus, it is not necessary to issue a visa and international passport. In Bulgaria - eco-friendly resorts, mainly intended for young families.Here you can choose a quiet place and more noisy. For a summer beach resort, you can choose a vacation on the Adriatic Sea - in Montenegro and Croatia. If we consider European countries, the most popular ones are Italy, Greece, and Spain. Here you can visit ancient sites. African countries are not inferior in popularity - Tunisia and Egypt. There is a large selection of excursions, but because of the strong heat they are not so popular. But in Egypt is suitable for diving enthusiasts. Considering the Latin American countries, we can say that they are less popular, although every year Russians choose such tours more often. Few know that there are pyramids here that are not inferior to the Egyptian ones.
  • Which resort to choose for a beach holiday in the fall. The beginning of autumn is still suitable for the continuation of the beach season in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. But in October, not everywhere you can swim. At this time, you can economically visit Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Crimea and Spain. This time of year is a great option for a complex vacation, beach and sightseeing. In mid-autumn, the heat in Egypt begins to subside, so you can comfortably visit Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and other places where you can touch the secrets of the ancient Egyptian era.If you are interested in Eastern culture, then fall tours open in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. If you have not seen the Great Wall of China and many other attractions, then visit China in the fall. Almost all autumn you can travel around Australia, Maldives, Seishele, etc.
  • Beach holiday in winter. In winter, more than ever, you want to visit the sea and in winter there are plenty to choose from. The winter tourist season opens in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Here you can learn about the history of the New World, try Caribbean rum and smoke Cuban cigars.
  • Beach holidays in the spring. In mid-spring, the season in Thailand, Egypt, Bali, the Canary Islands and the Caribbean does not end. If in spring you choose the resort of Sri Lanka, then you will plunge into various water fun, go on interesting excursions and just relax on the shore. Also in the spring you can visit resorts that do not stop working the whole year. This is Australia, Maldives, the island of Mauritius.

What are the resorts sightseeing holiday

Excursion rest is to visit all sorts of attractions, various cultural monuments.

  • Sightseeing summer vacation. Summer is not popular in this type of holiday, because it is quite hot in the European part. In Spain, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, China, Israel and Jordan, these programs are combined with sea and water entertainment. It may be noted that the countries where they purposefully go on excursions are Norway, Sweden, Finland. If in Europe there is a heat in summer, then on the Scandinavian peninsulas there is comfortable weather for visits to various places. For sightseeing holidays include resorts such as Austria, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic.
  • Autumn holiday. In those countries in which the tourist season ends, the time of sightseeing tours begins. These include Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy. Here you can visit the ancient and medieval monuments. It is possible to combine rest with excursions in China.
  • Excursion rest in the winter. Winter is a great time to visit Europe inexpensively and all its attractions. At this time, tours to Greece, Italy, Spain, as well as to France and the Czech Republic are popular. Who is not afraid of the cold, then a great trip for excursions will be a trip to Norway or Finland.
  • What a holiday is better in spring for excursions. Excursions in Europe are popular, in spring everything blooms and turns green, the mood is excellent for a trip. At this time, most often offer a tour of the Scandinavian Peninsula, although there is still cool, but the Russian people are not afraid. Who loves European culture, it is best to choose a tour to southern Europe. Especially popular in the spring resorts of Japan and China.

Choosing a resort for shopping

When going to the resort, many want to have the opportunity to go shopping. Here it is important that the purchase was not expensive, but of high quality and there would be plenty to choose from. Without a large assortment and shopping will not work.

  • Milan is a beautiful Italian city where branded clothing is sold and its prices are much lower than in Moscow. If you get a shopping tour, then with the help of the organizers visit all sales and save well on this.
  • Paris is one of the modern fashion centers. Excellent shopping will be waiting for you on the Champs Elysees. In Paris, there are many department stores where you can buy a variety of products.
  • New York is the best American city for shopping, there are a large number of boutiques, shopping centers.The city is suitable for those who love urban style. It is better to go to New York in January and July, at this time there are big discounts on goods.

Ski resorts

Every ski resort has its mountains, services, hotels, entertainment and prices.

  • Ski resorts in Austria - excellent athletes train and train the best instructors here. The resort is suitable for any income level.
  • Bulgarian resorts - here is a great rest for the whole family. In Bulgaria, there are safe trails for beginners and children.

Now you know which holiday is better and you can easily choose a suitable travel destination for yourself. This will allow you to have a great time with your family or friends, doing exactly what you especially like. So time will be spent exclusively for the benefit of the soul and body. Treat the choice with a subtle approach and try to make a start not from reasons of economy, but to select the places of rest precisely according to your interests. Enjoy your holiday.


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