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Which wallpaper is better?

Thinking about making repairs in an apartment or house, we think through every detail. A special snag is the wallpaper, which often set the tone for the rest of the interior. But which wallpaper is better to stick? In order to answer this question, the first step is to determine the place in the house where they are intended. In addition, the preference of the owner in the wallpaper material will be significant.

Choosing wallpaper in the hallway

When choosing wallpaper in the corridor should take into account several harsh requirements. As we walk from the street into the corridor, we carry with us dust, slush and dirt, we leave bags, various oversized things, skis, rollers and much more in there, except that the dog, after walking, goes to the bathroom through the corridor to wash its paws. Therefore, in this room, first of all, we need strong wallpapers that are not immediately torn, which can be easily washed and, if necessary, rubbed with a brush. In addition, they should be darker and more rigorous in design than in the rest of the rooms. That is why, thinking about which wallpaper is best for the corridor, you should pay attention to the hot stamping vinyl wallpaper.You can even purchase them with non-woven base to make them easier and faster to glue. What you should not buy is ordinary vinyl wallpapers, they are soft and porous, they will tear and become clogged with dirt, which is unacceptable for the corridor. Also for the corridor textured and paper wallpaper will not work, as they will need to be permanently glued and updated.

Wallpaper for the kitchen

Another problem room in which it is difficult enough to choose the wallpaper is the kitchen. The requirements for them are as severe as for the corridor, but, nevertheless, the kitchen is more relaxed, since it is not such a “courtyard”. Asking which wallpaper is best for the kitchen, you need to turn your eyes to washable vinyl wallpapers, since you can easily remove the pollution that is usual for this room. However, they are less durable. Their hot stamping wallpapers are stronger than the fact that not all royal-sized kitchens, and often the backs of benches and chairs are in contact with the walls, which inevitably leads to their deterioration. In order to somehow extend the life of the repair, you should opt for the above-mentioned type of wallpaper, because compact vinyl is a very durable material that can withstand such tests.It is not recommended to glue paper wallpapers into the kitchen, as they simply will not withstand steam and moisture, and will very quickly become unusable. And to do repairs in the kitchen every six months is very expensive, so it’s better not to go after savings and buy a more expensive option.

Wallpaper for the hall

Choosing the wallpaper for the hall you can pay attention not so much to their practicality, as to the beauty. You can also give preference to compact vinyl, or you can stick on foamed vinyl, silk-screen printing, paper wallpaper, in the form of simplex and duplex, as well as natural wallpaper. As a rule, in the hall drawing choose a more rigorous and aristocratic, although more simple than in the corridor. In a large room it is recommended to think out the design well, and to some extent forget about the characteristics of the wallpaper. Some stop at the photo wallpaper, which in principle is not bad either. But here you still need to look exactly according to the situation, and correctly choose the picture so that it fits well with furniture, curtains and accessories. And if you want something exclusive, then it is better to opt for a wallpaper for painting. Not knowing which wallpaper is better for painting, you can dwell on textured vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base in white.

Wallpaper in the bedroom

In the bedroom we spend a third of our lives, sleep, relax, gain strength. The main preference in wallpaper for the bedroom is the original and fairly simple design and cleanliness. In principle, any wallpaper can be stuck to the bedroom, but it is better to prefer paper or natural wallpaper. Many people think that paper wallpapers are cheap, and there is no design, but this is not always the case. On the market you can find paper wallpapers that are higher in price and more beautiful in design of many exclusive collections of vinyl. Reflecting on what wallpaper is best for the bedroom, you should remember that this room for a person is the world of health and mood. Therefore, in the design it is better to adhere to light colors and not bright drawings. Not bad in the bedroom will look textile wallpaper, especially since they are environmentally friendly and rich in texture and palette, which is important.

Wallpaper in the children's room

Children's room is like a bedroom, here you should prefer eco-friendly wallpaper, and in this case, paper is the way to go. Many people prefer in this room to paste wallpapers with cartoon characters. But they quickly get bored, and doing repairs every 6 months is not reasonable.Therefore, it is recommended to stick ordinary light-colored paper wallpapers, and then paste special 3D stickers with them on them, depicting cartoon characters that can be easily peeled off and replaced with new ones. In addition, it will not be necessary to especially bother at the expense of the texture of the wallpaper and their design, since they simply will not be visible. And the child will be glad to a new image, and will always show off his room in front of his friends.

Now you know which wallpaper is better for each of the rooms, and you can take into account all the disadvantages and advantages of different types of wallpapers in order to make your home beautiful and unique. But the main thing in choosing wallpaper is that you like them, because if you do not take into account this fact, you will not be comfortable in your house, and repairs instead of joy will bring only disappointment. Therefore, before buying, think carefully about what you need, and only then do it.


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