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Who do all married men want?

It happens that a man suddenly gets tired. Nes, carried your family life around your neck and at one moment was blown away. Outwardly, it is difficult to notice: he still gives you a salary, goes to work, drinks beer with friends on weekends. Unless you stopped answering any questions, nods indistinctly at your claims, does not argue, and even sex has stopped him from worrying.

A woman who has been tortured by work in the office, children, serials, does not immediately understand what happened. Just think, sex has become less frequent - who needs it at all? A woman with a cart, a mare is easier. And if you are a hundred thousand times concerned about the importance of sexual intercourse, in fact you don’t need anything - the less often the better. And then in your life, she necessarily appears - a woman in the juice.

Who do all married men want?

She is divorced and free. The position is indistinct, but there is enough salary. An older child constantly spends time with his grandfather and grandmother, so your husband at first does not even know about his existence.

She does not demand anything, but she is ready to give joy to someone else’s husband.

No, the worst thing is that she is older than you.You were afraid of twenty-year-old busty and long-legged nymphs, fresh as a spring flower. Elizaveta Georgievna is not like that, even colleagues communicate with her on “you”.

Bright, well-groomed, independent, she does not require anything, does not ask, does not harass someone else's night calls. But if he suddenly has time, she takes all the work and accepts it with joy.

Accepts, of course, not only dinner, but also flesh. Your bored man is tired of stupid bed acrobatics, which you read in gloss, he wants warmth, closeness of bodies, not “Kama Sutra”. And Elizaveta Georgievna it provides.

After two weeks of meetings, your husband decides to kiss the person who became close to him. And she is surprised to find that Lisa is not so simple - she has an intimate haircut. She is not only well-groomed from above, but also keeps an eye on what is below.

Who do all married men want?

The man is surprisingly primitive creature. With her straight line, like a mammoth's gyrus, he begins to think by logic that their sex was unplanned, which means that Elizaveta Georgievna is always well-groomed. And then it covers jealousy.

Jealousy is the best cure for boredom. He is not jealous of you for a long time, you are practically a sister, a mother of children, a woman-office and a cook.What jealous, in his eyes, you have long been sexless.

But Elizabeth is a sweet woman. He likes it, and if so - logically! "Liza likes everyone."

About boredom for a long time no speech. Sticking out his tongue, the muzhichina runs where he is not called, but where he is always welcome. One such almost so drowned, making a debauchery with his Lisa on the lake. They left to love each other for nature, and take the car and roll down a mound down into the water.

The difficulties bring together. Difficulties in finding a secret place for sex bring together doubly. Suddenly, the neighbors of a sweet woman will be his wife's colleagues? Suddenly her cousin would notice them in a restaurant? Suddenly a neighbor-girlfriend, recently obtained a driver's license and a car, will see how he kisses in a traffic jam? Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly. This "suddenly" brings together.

Who do all married men want?

Sweet woman is in no hurry. And where should she hurry? She methodically, calmly weaves her network of intrigue, enjoys life, is engaged in enjoying sex. In general, not particularly steamed.

The ease of her being attractive. Just think, she has a child - does it stop a man who feels good? And he starts to burn.

All these adventures on the side sooner or later the wife notices.But makes, as always, stupid conclusions. Trying to keep her husband, she spoils everything completely. Scandals, claims, cries - who in the present world will tolerate all this?

And closer to thirty you are free. A stamp and a certificate of divorce, alimony, and you are alone. Hanging out with friends is not as attractive as it seemed before, the child requires a lot of attention.

But time heals everything. So you can shove the child to parents, and lie in the bathroom for two hours, and sleep, and not to cook dinner. You begin to watch for yourself, not to make claims, not to seek to build and equip the nest. You do what you want yourself.

And then you meet him — someone else’s husband, for whom you are the sweetest woman who stole yours.

Who do all married men want?

You are not straining him - he is not yours anyway, you are not demanding, you are not asking and you can easily live alone. You are well with him, you even learned what an orgasm is, and he is not at all bored with you, and even that same acrobatics on the bed, which you understood as sex, takes other forms - intimacy, which is necessary and pleasant to both.

Perhaps, if he leaves the family, you will accept him - and why not? After all, you two are so comfortable together.Not that he and his wife, and you with her ex-husband.


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