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Who is the devil?

January 13, 2015
Who is the devil?

The devil (he is Satan, he is Lucifer) in the view of Christians is the main opponent of the Heavenly Forces and the Lord himself, a manifestation of Darkness and Chaos. The word "devil" means "evil", "slanderer" (for comparison, "Satan" - "enemy", "slanderer").

Devil's Story

When translating into Greek the main book - the Old Testament - the name diabolos is used to replace the Hebrew satan and denotes a being, an angel who originally fulfilled the will of God (“the Book of Job”). But later the angel-like creature thought too much about itself and wanted to worship the angel as God. Over time, in the New Testament, this image undergoes changes and is transformed into an "adversary" - the culprit of all human ills.

So who is the Devil and does he really exist? Difficult question that needs to be covered with more than one line of text! From the point of view of believers - and there are many of them all over the world - the Devil exists unconditionally, just like the Lord. After all, this opposition of these two (light and dark) underlies many world religions.

Interestingly, even some inveterate atheists and scientists recognize the existence of some dark forces in the human subconscious that justify his negative behavior and determine the fate of all kinds of maniacs and murderers.


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