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Who pray for work?

Elena Sobol
Elena Sobol
December 5, 2012
Who pray for work?

A man at work spends a third of his life. Therefore, it is not surprising that thoughts of her occupy him during rest. But what to do if you have problems with your work, and you can’t talk to anyone about this and, especially, to ask for help? One of the ways to maintain balance, speak out and find support is to turn to God and to his Saints.

Who pray for work in a difficult situation? It does not matter which saint you ask for help, and whether you use the traditional form of conversion - prayer, or speak in your own words, the main thing - the words must be from your heart. Therefore, if in the list below there is no patron of your profession, feel free to contact the Saint who is closer to you. Also here you will read who to pray to find work.

  • Spiridon Trimifuntsky contributes to solving financial problems, so that economists, accountants, bankers and ordinary mortals can turn to him for help.
  • The icon of the Mother of God, “Helpers of Sinners”, protects major entrepreneurs.
  • Holy Trifon protects gardeners and also helps new job seekers.
  • Daniel of Moscow helps in solving difficulties with housing.
  • Saint Barbara (December 4) patronizes the miners and those working in the mining industry.
  • Andrew the First-Called (December 13) patronizes sailors, builders and town governors.
  • Archangel Michael (November 21) patronizes police officers, special services and intelligence officers.
  • Dmitry Rosovsky (November 10) patronizes writers and journalists.

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