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Who do you kiss when you meet?

Edward Stefchishin
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Who do you kiss when you meet?

There is a very interesting game - "100 to 1". This game requires, in some cases, non-standard answers, which very often have no rationale. There is a definite answer to a very interesting question that concerns all of those whom you kiss at the meeting, which can be found on the Internet. So, what to answer:

  • Spouse or Spouse - the most points.
  • Girlfriend - a little less.
  • Parents are enough to understand that many love them.
  • Child - less than we would like, but obviously young people are playing, mostly.
  • Friend - few friends with girls.
  • Sister - very strict brothers.

As experience shows, it is much more interesting not to look for answers, but to think oneself and in this way discover in oneself many new and interesting things. The most important thing is that the sites that give answers to questions on this game are infected and if you do not have a well-protected system, it is not desirable to go to them. Our site is, of course, an exception.


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