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Why advertise on television?

To promote a product or service, one of the best platforms along with the Internet is television. Using it wisely, you can qualitatively present your product, find your customers, or form a name for yourself among the masses.

Features of television advertising

Advertising on TV is often not very pleasing to the viewer: no one will like the interruption of a series of a favorite series or show with commercials. Nevertheless, people continue to watch TV without changing channels, and constantly recurring clips actively affect the minds of many viewers. That is why when we stand in a pharmacy and don’t know what to choose from a cold, the memory gives a dialogue from the TV about a new wonder medicine, and in the grocery store, seeing familiar labels, you can’t remember vivid frames and songs about how good it is to get this product. But modern viewers are no longer so simple: the annoying repetition of the same or aggressive impact on instincts and feelings makes you take a closer look atWhat do we offer to buy and is it worth it to do? Good modern advertising is a whole art, where you need to arrange your idea of ​​promotion competently and competently. If you succeed, the idea will bring success.

For any television advertising, regardless of the idea and its implementation, you can highlight the general points:

  1. Wide coverage of a diverse audience. TV is watched by people from young to old, different social strata and professions. By advertising a certain product on TV, you have the opportunity to attract to it a potential audience from different parts of the country.
  2. Synthesis of tools to promote promotional ideas. TV allows you to use the picture, sound and dynamics at the same time, so the way to influence the audience is the most powerful. In the print media, we see a beautiful, but static picture - a bright ad or advertising poster; on the radio, we deal only with sound; on the Internet in general, you can close the ad unit or put up protection from advertising.
  3. Opportunities for the realization of a variety of ideas. As a rule, advertising focuses on the strengths of the product or service, and also embellishes them.The video can be made in the form of a moment from life, ordinary everyday or dynamic and bright, come up with a fairy-tale story, influence instinct, emotions or aesthetic feeling. Foolish advertisements that are scolded and discussed, "take" their "abnormality", and therefore remembered. In the store, passing by the product that was advertised in this way, you will be interested in willy-nilly and at least you will read the label: what is so special about it? Delicious coffee or expensive chocolates, for example, are often associated with romance, which is why advertisers love to convey beautiful moments of morning or dinner together. But the advertising of perfumes is the creation of aesthetics, the transfer of sensations through a picture, so that a woman can perceive the atmosphere of smell and understand that she can give a new flavor, what she will look like in the eyes of others, if she acquires and uses it.
  4. The cost of television advertising consists of minutes of airtime and ratings. Usually the countdown is conducted in one minute of time, and the prices depend on the selected channel, geography, time of day and other nuances.

Before you run your ads or choose the time and place for it, you should be familiar with the law on advertising in the Russian market.

Choosing a channel for advertising

Advertising on TV channels is not only cost, but also relevant. There are common, for example, state channels that most people watch. There are also many channels for a specific audience: young people often prefer bright and dynamic, as well as music channels, housewives like to watch TV shows and movies, business people prefer news and analytics interested in science and art - relevant sources. Therefore, in order to choose the most successful platform for your idea, designate a general portrait of potential customers, and then understand on which TV channel and how best to place your video.


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