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Why do dogs bark?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
April 16, 2012
Why do dogs bark?

Canine barking is a natural reaction to certain environmental factors. Dogs bark on several occasions.

  • When the dog is afraid. If the animal moves back and barks, this is a clear sign that it is scared. If this is a street dog, just go around it.
  • When the dog is playing. If the dog jumps, freaks out, wags its tail and barks, it invites you to play. To be afraid of such a dog is not necessary.
  • When the dog is guarding. Sometimes the dog barks, showing that this is its territory. Lay in this case serves as a signal. Next may be followed by a throw and a bite. In some cases, the dog is limited only by barking. It depends on the characteristics of a single animal. In any case, care should be taken.

Determining why dogs bark is sometimes difficult. It is better not to approach such an animal, maybe the dog does not play, but shows aggression.


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