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Why spoil our teeth?

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of excellent dental health, and not even how old he is. Over time, more and more holes, and the number of crowns, dentures and elementary fillings are increasing.

Many owners of a variety of dental structures can confidently agree that the chewing process has undergone significant changes, and far from the best. But what to do? After all, once the teeth were healthy and snow-white, how to protect and preserve what is given to us by nature?

After all, even those people who regularly visit the dentist and, they think, follow the hygiene of the teeth, still may suffer multiple problems with the oral cavity. And the thing is that not many people can properly care for her.

How are they arranged?

In order to determine why teeth deteriorate in a particular case, it is necessary to study the composition and structure of the tooth itself. The tooth consists mainly of dentin, which in the part of the crown is covered with tooth enamel, and in the root part - with dental cement.

Inside the tooth there is a cavity, which is filled with pulp, just through her teeth all the food and mineral substances that come to her through the blood vessels receive it.

So, it is the main protection of the dental bone that is enamel, which in its composition is a combination of various mineral salts. Here, as elsewhere, there exists its own microflora, on the surface of which bacteria live, thanks to their activity, the process of destruction of the entire tooth takes place.

In order to prevent this process, it is necessary to periodically clean the oral cavity of bacteria, but completely this can not be done in order not to disturb the microflora. That is why there are special dental tools that only for a certain period of time clean the tooth enamel from harmful bacteria.

Hygiene rules

Although since childhood they are trying to teach us to elementary standards for the care of the oral cavity, few who fully comply with them. Probably, almost every person knows that teeth should be cleaned at least 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.

The whole procedure should take at least three minutes.Most likely, many received the recommendations of the dentist, who said to use dental floss, as well as mouth rinses after meals. But not everyone knows that all this will not be enough, if, for example, to use low-quality toothbrush and cheap toothpaste.

Such copies of toothpaste often contain chalk, which greatly erases the tooth enamel, causing direct harm. By the way, no one has canceled the correct cleaning, which should ensure the passage of a toothbrush even to the most distant parts of the jaw.

When irregular or improper care of the teeth, they will form a plaque, which gradually destroys the enamel of the teeth. So everything that dentists advise you is not at all a whim, but a real necessity, especially if you suffer from frequent dental diseases.

Use of teeth for other purposes

Far from all people will think about why their teeth deteriorate so quickly, because since childhood there have been no problems with them. And you think, maybe improper operation began to lead to their poor condition? What does it mean?

Well, for example, opening the bottles with teeth does not lead to anything good, only to mechanical damage to the teeth. The teeth are given to a person to chew food, and not to send any nastiness into his mouth, like little children. But cracking nuts, as well as chewing a pen at the moment of a heightened emotional state, will not lead to anything good.


Often, damage and loss of teeth is directly related to the fact that a person eats. Of course, each person has an individual reaction to a particular product, but there are separate groups of goods that have an unambiguous influence.

For example, if you want to strengthen your tooth enamel, then add hard vegetables such as carrots, beets, cucumbers or apples to your daily diet. These products are best consumed raw, so they can provide the necessary chewing load for the oral cavity, besides they are rich in minerals and vitamins.

By the way, the use of liquids for rinsing the mouth is not necessary, you can just chew a raw carrot after a meal, the meaning will remain the same. Also for the teeth useful foods that are rich in calcium, such as dairy, especially cottage cheese.

But eating concentrated juices, pepsi-cola, lemonade and energy drinks is highly undesirable, because they have a high degree of acidity, which affects the state of the teeth is extremely negative.

Bad heredity

Another reason that can also contribute to the condition of your mouth is poor heredity. And, more precisely, the responsibility for the condition of the child’s teeth lies largely on the mother, who is in a state of pregnancy.

Depending on how well she will eat during this period, depends on the amount of incoming vitamins that are useful and necessary for healthy baby teeth. If the fetus suffers a shortage of some elements, it will necessarily affect the state of its future teeth.

Bad habits

It is not a secret to anyone that smokers and drinkers will part with healthy and beautiful teeth much earlier. Cigarette smoke has a negative effect on tooth enamel, and dark spots begin to form on it, which is not easy to get rid of. In turn, tobacco impairs blood circulation in the gums, which leads to the development of periodontal disease.

Why spoil in children?

It is so strange when the children of preschool or toddlers start to deteriorate their teeth, and at such a rate that it is terrible to think, and what will happen when the root ones grow? It all depends on the acid balance in the child’s mouth, and if it’s broken, not a single toothpaste or brush will help. This suggests that in most cases it all depends on what the baby eats.

Boiled water, purchased juices, tea, as well as modern bakery products can become the main enemies for him.

Boiled water is better to replace with thawed water, purchased juices are home-made, and if your child likes fresh buns and bread, then it is better to bake them yourself.


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