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Why do people live?

The question of the meaning of life sooner or later begins to worry every thinking person. But to answer why people live in a global sense is not so simple - the best minds of mankind have been pondering over these centuries. Consider the basic theory and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Why does man live on earth

The main theories are reduced to several positions, in different variations repetitive. Thus, the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers believed that man lives for good, which in each case can be formulated in different ways. Some (for example, Diogenes) believed that a person should strive for happiness, others (Aristotle) ​​pointed out the need for knowledge of the world, others (Epicurus) argued that the meaning of life is in receiving pleasures. More modern nihilism is, in essence, the same epicurianism. One of the most common theories about the meaning of life is the theory of the fulfillment of God's will by man. Many branches of Hinduism adhered to such views, and Christianity and Islam from monotheistic religions.At the same time, in the same Christianity, earthly existence, as it were, is bracketed, and the main emphasis is placed on preparing a person for life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Interestingly, many philosophers recognize the influence of the higher will. A vivid example of this is Arthur Schopenhauer, who, however, did not indicate the need to follow this will and said that a person simply does not have the meaning of life, therefore he comes up with all sorts of entertainments, trying to avoid suffering.

What should a man live for?

Many determine the meaning of existence in accordance with their past experience. A person can adhere to a particular theory or be a true devotee of a particular religion, but so what? To understand in reality, what is the meaning of your existence, neither religion nor philosophical dogmas will help. This can only be done by man himself, because understanding comes only from within - from his own inner source. There is a very good statement expressed by one wise person: “None of those who order you to do something cannot be called a teacher. He can only be called a butcher. ” Dogmatism has not helped anyone yet, but he can quite make you look like a zombie blindly obeying various instructions.And yet, enduring, eternal values ​​do exist. Words such as understanding, mercy, love, justice, sooner or later will lead a person to comprehend the meaning of his existence. And what's bad when people live for each other? True love can awaken the highest feelings in a person, cleanse him - and then the answer to the question about the meaning of life will be found by itself. At the beginning of this chapter I used the phrase “internal source”. What is it? So you can define our consciousness with you, thanks to which only the knowledge of all things in the world, including the meaning of existence, is possible. Refer to the source, look inside, find out where our desires come from and why fears appear - this is the only way to understand why and why we live.


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