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Why does a child walk on socks?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
December 7, 2012
Why does a child walk on socks?

A huge number of mothers are concerned about the question, why does the child tiptoe? This can happen occasionally or constantly during walks. Such a phenomenon is considered quite normal at the stage of learning to walk a baby. Almost all the children go on socks. This is the norm of child development and up to 1.5 years should not cause any particular concern.

On the other hand, tiptoeing or pulling a sock can be a symptom of serious neurological diseases associated with impaired muscle tone. In this case, there is a huge number of more serious symptoms, therefore, if in addition to walking on tiptoe, you do not observe other violations, you can be calm.

The reasons why the child walks on socks

  • The process of learning to walk (children have a very well developed gastrocnemius muscle, which allows them to easily stand on their socks).
  • Imitating adults, the child wants to appear taller, therefore it rises on the fingers.
  • Birth injuries.
  • If the child began to walk on socks after fully advancing with a full foot, he simply explores the possibilities of his body.
  • Excess energy in a child (it is necessary to increase physical activity: walking and outdoor games).
  • Muscular dystonia or in other words pyramidal insufficiency. This means that some muscle groups are in a high tone, while others, on the contrary, are in a reduced one. In this situation, it is necessary to do a special massage and gymnastics for the baby’s feet, and also to put on shoes not only on the street, but also at home. It is better to use orthopedic. In the case of suspected diseases should immediately contact a neurologist. Only a qualified specialist will make an accurate diagnosis and set a course of treatment. With timely measures taken, there will be no serious consequences.

As a preventive measure from walking on toes, walking on an inclined plane, jumping on a trampoline, swimming and walking are recommended.


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