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Why does hair fall out?

The problem of hair loss worries in our time, not only women. Both children and men suffer this attack. What to do? Where to look for reasons? Let's start with the children and find out why their hair falls out? Alopecia usually occurs in children aged 5-15 years, less often, but still, there are cases of earlier or congenital abnormalities.

Hair loss in children

Most often with baldness in children or adolescents we are talking about alopecia (focal) alopecia, it occurs only in certain areas of hair, but can touch eyebrows and eyelashes, and in more severe forms it leads to loss of hair of absolutely the whole body.

According to scientific studies, focal alopecia at a young age is a disorder of the immune system, which coincides with a genetic predisposition to hair loss. This may explain the cases of family diseases of alopecia.

Along with the reasons above, hair loss can be affected by stress or depressing psychological situation in the family of the child. To make a correct diagnosis, the child will need to passanalyzes (general analysis of urine and blood, immunological blood test, blood test for hormones).

Alopecia Treatment

At the first symptoms of baldness in children, additional tests are taken to confirm the absence of infections (research for the presence of fungi, hemolytic streptococcus, hepatitis, herpes, etc.).

For the treatment of baldness is usually prescribed treatment. It includes the local application of ointments, strengthening the immune system.

Hair loss in men

Now let's talk about men. At once I would like to recall the saying that says that a smaller amount of hair on a man’s head is a guarantee of excellent potency. There is no evidence of this, it seems that the balding men themselves invented this myth.

It is scientifically proven that hair loss in men is most often the result of prolonged stress. Often, men pay attention to their balding, removing hair from the collar of a jacket or a comb. And they are wondering - how much hair should be lost from the head per day? According to scientists, this figure usually ranges from 60-100 hairs per day. But, no one can calculate the exact amount of hair per day, and even someone is unlikely to do it. Therefore, the question of how much hair falls out per day is inherently rhetorical.Pay attention not to the number of lost hair, and not to increase this number.

Hair fall out? The reasons can be found in the lack of vitamins. Most often, baldness is treated with special cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations.

How to deal with hair loss

It is important to know that baldness is a reversible process, and reversible not in isolated cases, but in large quantities. Only hereditary alopecia is incurable, all other causes of alopecia for medicine are not a mystery and can be successfully tackled with them.

And as a prevention or treatment in the early stages, you can recommend special shampoos or balms, etc., sold in pharmacies.

Do not despair, when the head starts to fall hair - this is not a sentence.


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