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Why does not Skype work?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 7, 2011
Why does not Skype work?

Internet telephony is gaining momentum every year. An example of this is the Skype Corporation. They created a program to communicate using a webcam in real time using the Internet. In addition, using Skype, you can reach the landline phone. This service is paid. Everything else is completely free. Sometimes Skype has problems. Let's see how they can be solved.

Why Skype does not work - reasons

Sometimes it happens that the Skype application does not work. Consider the causes of these problems.

One of the most common reasons is the work of the so-called "firewall". This program blocks the transactions necessary for Skype to work between Skype itself and the network. By the same principle, many antiviruses interfere with the work of Skype. In order to overcome the problem, you need to add Skype to the list of allowed programs.

Skype may not work if you entered your username and password incorrectly. In such a situation, you should restart the program and log in with a new one.At this time, be more careful when filling in the fields "login" and "password".

Skype does not work because there is no connection to the Internet. Check your connection by opening any program that works with the Internet. This could be, for example, Internet Explorer. If you are convinced that the Internet is inactive, then Skype does not work for this reason. In this case, contact your Internet provider for further instructions on how to overcome network problems. Just in case, you should restart the computer. It often happens that Skype starts working after a reboot.

There is a possibility of a system error of the Skype program itself. In such a situation, the following should be done. Close Skype. In the option "execute ..." (the one that is in the "Start" menu) we write% appdata% \ skype and click OK. A folder will open in which you need to find the file shared.xml (or simply shared) and delete this file. Then you need to restart Skype and check its performance.

It should be noted that problems with Skype began after the purchase of Skype by Microsoft. Apparently, the local developers and developers of Skype have not had time to coordinate their actions, which led to the systematic shutdown of the resource. Software failures and their causes are not commented on by the company.Skype representatives are limited to comments on their blog on Twitter.com. There they admit failure and apologize for the inconvenience. Users can only complain about their fate and wait for a solution to the problem.


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