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What is the dream of the army?

February 26, 2015
What is the dream of the army?

If you dream of an army dream, it almost always means such things as strength, excitement, difficulties, conflicts. Perhaps these concepts somehow touch real life. But for women and men to dream of an army can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, it is interesting to know specifically why the army dreams of women and men.

If the army dreamed of men

If a dream dreamed of a seasoned soldier or officer, this suggests that he needs a thrill. Men dreamed army can mean:

  • In the near future he will have to defend the honor of someone from the members of his family. This may be due to the fact that in real life his relative was slandered. A dream warns about this and suggests that the conflict should be resolved in a civilized manner;
  • if the dream was a dream of a young man, then he suggests that in the circle of his friends the guy feels insecure. For him, this dream is in some case a warning about the realities of life. This means that the young man must show character, show rigidity, learn to appreciate himself, his interests.But the main thing in this business is diplomacy. Otherwise, you can be left without friends.

If the army dreams of women

Depending on what situation is related to the army, a woman dreamed, you can interpret the situation in different ways.

  • A dream in which a woman dreamed that her son was being drafted into the army only means that the child spread his wings and is ready for an independent family life;
  • An army dreaming in a dream means that a woman feels anxiety for a loved one. But the dream tells her that all her worries are in vain and that a man with honor will overcome all obstacles;
  • if a girl dreamed that she is serving in the army, a dream means that difficulties will arise in her professional activity, and she should make every effort to overcome them.

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