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Why dream of a hare?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
February 16, 2015
Why dream of a hare?

Dreams are important in understanding our present and future. There are a large number of dream books in which the meaning of dreams is interpreted. Why dream of a hare, and what can be expected after seeing such a dream?

To see a hare in a dream means that you are not satisfied with the current state of things and you are internally ready to change something. As for relationships, to see a hare in a dream - to difficulties in relations with a loved one, the cause of which is your baseless fears and offenses. Only you can solve these difficulties.

If the hare quickly runs away from you, and you try to catch him - wait for the sudden loss of something dear and important to you. Hare, pursued by a pack of dogs, promises quarrels and scandals with relatives and friends.

If you managed to catch a hare, soon there will come a short but productive period of success in business. Use it to solve your basic difficulties.

The dead hare often symbolizes the illness or death of a friend, and if you yourself killed the hare, soon you will have to take unpleasant and even cruel measures to solve your problems. On the contrary, to make friends with a hare means to get a new friend in reality.


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