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Why dream of a newborn?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 6, 2012
Why dream of a newborn?

Quite often, women dream of small or newborn children. Here you will learn what the dream of a newborn baby. There are several basic meanings, which I will tell you in this article.

The most frequent interpretation of such a dream is the following: if in real life you have children, they will bring you great joy. For a young woman, this means that she may soon become pregnant, and pregnancy will be desirable. If you are caring for a newborn baby in a dream, this may mean that you have to do some rather hard and difficult work, but in the end you will get such a stunning result that you could not even dream of. Good prospects promise and a dream in which a person sees a crying newborn baby. This means that you can realize all your plans in reality. But smiling newborn children mean, oddly enough, scandals and quarrels in the family.

Why dream of a newborn boy

Many say that if you dream of a newborn boy, especially a woman, then this may mean that in real life she will soon be toiling and tossing about. However, there is an interpretation that if a baby boy dreams of being clean and beautiful, then the person in his personal life will be all right, and great happiness awaits him. For a woman, a newborn boy can mean a new lover.

Why dream of a newborn girl

A newborn girl often means the presence in your life of good friends. If she looks at you, then you can safely rely on these people in any situation. If a woman in a dream gives birth to a newborn girl, this may mean that in reality there will be a solution to some problem that has long tormented her, and often in the most unexpected and surprising way.

In general, why dream of a newborn? Most often, this is a very good, kind sign. For example, if you are sitting in a dream at the crib of a newborn child, then pleasant changes will occur in the family. If an infant dreams of an adult man, this means some difficulties in work, through which he is still guaranteed success.But if you have a strange child in your arms, you need to be careful, because someone wants to take advantage of your kindness. And finally, if you have lost your child in a dream and you cannot find it, this means that you will soon have to think about global, one might even say, philosophical questions.


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