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Why dream of a weapon

On the question of what dreams of weapons, it is difficult to give a definite answer. Such a dream may signify your anxiety about something, waiting for trouble, a state of internal aggression and resentment towards others. Sometimes these nightly dreams foreshadow the solution of problems, luck and success in your personal life.

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I had a dream in a dream, a dream book
I had a dream in a dream, a dream book

English dream book

To hear a gunshot in a dream - to the news of the death of a distant relative. According to another interpretation, detractors may slander you. Their lies will not cause you much harm and will be quickly forgotten.

If a shot dreamed of a man in love, he has a strong rival who is determined to fight for the hand and heart of a beautiful lady. For a merchant, such a dream is a precursor of monetary loss.

Modern dream book

To dream a weapon and admire its beauty - to pleasant communication with interesting people. For a woman, such a dream foreshadows the transition of emerging relationships to a new, closer phase.

Acquire a gun or knife in the store - in real life you should be careful and do not trust anyone with your secrets.

Walking through the armory - get into an unpleasant situation, from which you are unlikely to manage to get out with honor.

Shoot a man - circumstances will make you be cruel, you will have a chance to punish your enemy.

Dreaming longo

To dream of a weapon is a symbol of anger that you conceal deep in your soul. If in night dreams you choose it for yourself, you need to try to forget the past offense. Someone from his friends, unwillingly, caused you a mental wound in a fleeting conversation. Try to let go of this negative.

If you dream about how you clean your weapon, in reality you are in a constant fighting mood. You are ready at any time to meet the danger and give her a fight. Relax a little: it's time to think about peace and inner harmony.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The overrun of the weapon by this dream book depends on the subject and the storyline of the dream.

If in a dream you are shooting with a cannon, you will have a chance to defeat a strong enemy. If cannon shots are heard somewhere far away, get ready for monetary losses.

A shotgun in a dream is a symbol of the coming quarrel, spat, or open confrontation. If you are preparing a gun, but do not shoot it, you are fully focused on the pursuit of the cherished goal. If you still pulled the trigger, your efforts will lead to the desired result.

The rifle is a sign that you will be able to gain authority and leadership in the team.

The gun is a bad omen. You are paying too much attention to lowly cares, which is why you forgot about the spiritual component of life.


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