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Why dream of stones?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
August 7, 2012
Why dream of stones?

Many wise men attached great importance to dreams. when asked what stones dream of, they would give the following answer:

What do stones mean in a dream? First of all, it depends on what stones you saw, and - most importantly - in what situation, what did you feel.

  • In world culture, stones are a symbol of the basis of both the practical and the philosophical basis of being. Stones can mean wisdom, information.
  • If the stones were blocking your path - maybe you cannot “digest” someone's ideas that you consider to be solid and authoritative. Do not be afraid of someone else's wisdom, someone else's rightness. Rightness can only be with respect to their lives. Look into your life, stand at your point on the way and look out of it at the world.
  • Gems in a dream may remind of wealth. It can also be valuables, treasures - including the non-material plan. If the stone is transparent, you may make an important discovery for yourself. Here you have the answer to the question of what dreams of precious stones.

Whatever the value of stones (precious or ordinary) in culture, the true meaning of your sleep depends on what these stones mean to you. Literally, what did you give these stones? It will tell you something about yourself.

But stones also exist by themselves. Sometimes it is extremely useful to look at an object without endowing it with its emotions and value. Therefore, sometimes it is worth looking at it as an object of the surrounding world, which you can simply contemplate. For example, sitting by the river washing the stones.


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