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Why do eyes swell?

Quite a lot of people have a swollen area under their eyes in the morning. It is at least not aesthetically pleasing and not pleasant enough. The appearance of such phenomena may indicate the need to take certain measures to combat the disease. We can name nine main reasons why eyes swell.

  • Bags under the eyes may appear due to excessive amounts of fluid drunk from the evening. It can be water, tea, coffee, lemonade, kvass and other beverages.
  • The reason why swelling under the eyes can be an excessive amount of alcohol taken on the eve. As you know, such drinks do not decorate a person's face, but rather provoke strong edema and bags under the eyes, which have a peculiarity to increase with time. A similar reaction occurs due to the fact that alcohol retains water in the cells of the body.
  • If you like to indulge in smoked meats, spices and salty food - be prepared for the consequences. After such a meal, a person's water-salt balance is disturbed, which leads to unpleasant phenomena on the face.
  • The same bags on the lower eyelid may appear due to stretching, weakening or separation of the tarso orbital layer that protects the eyeball from adverse external influences. To detect such hernial sacs is not difficult enough. You just need to close your eyes and lightly push out. These inflammatory swellings can only be removed surgically.
  • If your eyes are swollen, the reasons for this may lie in the age. Over the years, tissues lose their elasticity and become loose. Past the century also does not pass the aging process. Not all older people may experience similar problems with bags under the eyes. But this phenomenon is quite frequent.
  • People often cry because of nervous shocks, frustration, stress, or simply frustration. This leads to swelling of the upper and lower eyelids. The fluid is retained in the tissues and it takes some time to get it out. This happens naturally, but many people have puffiness for a long time.
  • The lack of vitamin B5 in the body may well cause swelling of the eyelids. It is an important trace element found in foods such as fish, meat, beans, asparagus, liver, beets, porcini mushrooms, cauliflower and dairy products.
  • There are a number of diseases, the consequence or symptom of which may be swelling of the eyelids.These diseases include heart disease, kidney, blood and the consequences of serious injuries.
  • And another, not a few important reason may be heredity. From the ancestors you can move a special structure of the century. In this case, you just need to measure. Ka is known - relatives are not chosen.

If you noticed that the child's eyes are swollen, do not hesitate to contact a doctor. Of course, the cause of edema can be incorrect sleep patterns, overwork or long watching TV, but there may be more serious causes, such as heart disease, vascular disease, anemia and other troubles.

Now you know why the eyes swell in the morning. If you had to deal with this problem, be sure to find out its causes. Puffiness under the eyes can be not only an aesthetic disadvantage, but also a signal to serious diseases. Do not forget to monitor your health and appearance.


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