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Why famous men leggings and heels

Sometimes men approach the choice of wardrobe more carefully than we women. Especially if they are stars! True, some of their images reach the point of absurdity. The editors of Woman’s Day recalled the “fashionable fetishes” of Russian and foreign celebrities.

Sergey Zverev: heels 20 centimeters!

Sergey Zverev, Instagram
Photo: Starface

“Chanel is against the evil eye!” Was the motto of the stylist Sergei Zverev. Sometimes to this “star in shock” adds: “And Dolce & Gabbana - for good luck”.

Apparently, Sergey is really superstitious. After all, there are at least a dozen of such amulets on it: brooches from your favorite fashion house on the lapels of a jacket, on a tie, on a bag, on bracelets.

Love for amulets, perhaps, can only be overcome by a passion for high platform shoes, although Sergei himself is not low. His height is about 185 centimeters, he still wears heels of at least 20 centimeters.


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