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Why do dreams drool?

Anastasia Volkova
Anastasia Volkova
December 5, 2012
Why do dreams drool?

There is such an unpleasant problem as excessive saliva in a dream. You wake up and the pillow gets wet. Nothing pleasant, especially if you are not sleeping alone. So why in a dream are drooling?

Doctors explain this as a consequence of some reasons with health, as well as the characteristics of the body.

  1. This problem most often affects people who have problems with the respiratory system. You may have a stuffy nose and you only breathe through your nose during sleep, so your mouth is open all the time. Maybe you should consult a specialist if nasal congestion occurs only at night?
  2. This also happens when you have dental problems. An infection may have appeared in the oral cavity, which is dislodged by the body, therefore salivation is abundant.
  3. One of the common reasons is the special structure of your mouth. In this case, this problem cannot be fixed, you can only change the position in a dream, for example, try to sleep on your back.
  4. A large amount of saliva can also be associated with stomach problems.This is due to an inflammatory process, when a lot of acid is released into the stomach. The reason may be worms, any chronic diseases.
  5. Some experts believe that abnormalities in the work of the nervous system, caused by prolonged use of antibiotics, can also cause abundant salivation.
  6. Abundant salivation also occurs in people who use drugs.

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