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Why is the degradation of personality?

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Ellochka Cannibal
������������Ellochka Cannibal
������������Answered on December 11, 2014 16:30
O-la-la, but the reasons for the degradation of the sea) For example, Lein. A man was too lazy to go to school, to work once, another ... and rushed))) dismissal, deduction ..--> alcoholism -> collect bottles) Psychological and physical factors can also influence. It seems to me that they most often degrade due to alcohol and drugs. and in these cases, the person himself does not even understand what is happening .. Therefore, he cannot stop. And most often they start to drink because of psychological factors - the wife quit, someone close died. And still degrade due to mental abnormalities (different maniacs).
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On television, every show of Ge is shown, you will remain after such a normal person ... people do not read now, they watch all sorts of stupid Simpsons, Dom-2, etc. In conversations we discuss only bytovuhu - here you are, please, degradation.
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moon strange
������������moon strange
Yeah, plus social networks also lead to degradation, IMHO.

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