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Why is water called water?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
February 21, 2013
Why is water called water?

The importance of water in our life is difficult to overestimate, nothing living can not live without water, and besides, all life on earth originated in water, this is a generally recognized fact.

But what does the word "water" mean, why is water called water?

The origin of this word has its roots deep in the history of the origin of the Russian language. Most likely, it is formed from the Proto-Slavic * voda. It, in turn, goes back to the Proto-Indo-European root * wed, which designated water as inanimate moisture, liquid. From this root, the word "water" was formed in many languages ​​of the world:

  • In Belarusian - wada
  • In Serbian and Bulgarian - water
  • In Slovak and Czech - voda
  • In Polish - woda
  • In English - water and so on.

That is why water is called water. Later a lot of words were formed from this root. Thus, the ancient root * wed makes the following words related to our word "water": bucket, otter, waterline, fairway, perhydrol, hydra, and so on. Anyway, all these listed words are related to water. Homonymic root - water is in the words to drive, a guide, a round dance; The plant has no relation to the word water.

And today the word "water" and its derivatives are constantly on everyone's lips.


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