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Why not install Windows?

Installing the operating system - the process is not too complicated and fast enough. However, sometimes there can be very serious difficulties that do not allow the installation of the OS.

Read more about them, as well as how to fix these problems.

Problems installing OS and their solution

Imagine that you are installing Windows, but the computer freezes during the boot process. Reboot the system, start the process again, and the same thing repeats again. Moreover, the PC can start to slow down both at the very beginning of the installation process, and after some time - let's say, in 5-10 minutes.

Possible causes of problems can be:

  • Bios Check if the system is configured correctly.
  • Flash drive with which to install. Test the device for correct operation. By the way, if the flash drive is recorded in a file system other than the PC file system, there may be a conflict between them. Then you will need to format the flash device in the PC file system.
  • USB connector.With this element very often there are some difficulties. The port may burn out or just work with errors. If, for example, the front panel of the system unit is not connected to the PC system, then, accordingly, neither USB ports nor headphone and microphone outputs will work on it. Try a different port or fix / replace a faulty one. Also keep in mind that to write Windows you need to use ports of type 2.0.

It is also possible that you need to change one version of the operating system to another. You made an image of the desired OS and recorded it on a USB flash drive, then inserted the device into the PC, restarted the computer, set up the BIOS, but it turned out that the USB flash drive is not recognized. Instead, it just loads the old OS from the hard disk. And all your attempts to change the BIOS settings somehow, to set the priority load are in vain.

In this case, it is worth considering the possibility of incorrect recording of a flash device. Try to overwrite the data, for example, using the UltraISO program.

Other causes of faults

There may be other reasons why Windows is not installed, in particular:

  • Errors that occur in the system due to the printer connected to it, which is not needed to install a flash drive or a disk, an additional monitor, etc. Disconnect all unnecessary, leaving only the main monitor, mouse and keyboard.
  • Hardware. Perhaps the drive is not working or there is some problem in the system unit, its components (motherboard, hard disk, RAM, etc.). Moreover, each individual element will have to be checked separately, and therefore if you are not an expert in this field, you will have to contact a service center.
  • Damaged or knowingly poor-quality distribution of the operating system that you are going to install. We'll have to look for another file and repeat the installation already with it.
  • The incompatibility of the parameters of your PC (RAM and hard disk, processor frequency, video card that supports a certain Direct X format) with the requests of the operating system. Before installing, be sure to look at the performance of your computer and the minimum (and preferably the most desirable) system requirements. You may not be able to upgrade the OS physically, and you will have to be content with the older version until you update the “stuffing” of the PC.

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