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With this trick, you tie a tie in seconds

Tying a tie is pretty boring and long. In addition, not everyone can correctly tie it. Let's see how you can very quickly, in just a matter of seconds, tie a tie beautifully and simply.

To begin with, put the tie on the wrong side in front of you.

Turn the right side into a loop, do the same on the left, but in the other direction.

With your right hand, take the left loop, turning the hand with the wrong side of your fingers toward you. With four fingers, hold the left loop on the outside, the wrong side of the fingers pointing towards you, with your thumb hold the loop inside. Then turn the loop around its axis in a clockwise direction, thus making another circle of the tie around the loop, and insert it into the right loop.

Then pull the upper part of the tie through the two loops, leaving a small loop outside. Hold onto it at the same time and pull the tie over the part that was stretched through the two loops, correct it as you need.

Only at first it seems complicated.


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