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Yellow top with an openwork pattern

Yellow top with openwork pattern. Knit bright and sunny top, decorated with openwork and relief pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% cotton, 175 m / 50 g) - 200 grams of yellow color;
  2. needles number 2.5;
  3. circular needles number 2.5;
  4. hook 2.5.

Pattern Description

Relief pattern:knit according to scheme 1.

Openwork pattern:knit under the scheme 2.

Knitting description


Knit a single web in the transverse direction. On the needles we collect 38 loops, knit relief pattern. At the height of the part 90 cm we close the hinges. Sew the short edges of the coquette to form a ring.


On the circular knitting needles we collect 216 loops, knit round the 3 rows of izn. loops. Next, knit openwork pattern. At a height of 40 cm close the loop.


On the spokes we collect 16 loops, knit the pattern according to scheme 3. At a height of 37 cm, close the loops.


Sew the lower part to the coquette, slightly pallbearing. We sew straps to the yoke.We tie the edges of the straps under the pattern 4. Tie the top of the top according to the pattern 5. We knit the bar according to pattern 6 and sew in the center of the yoke, as shown in the photo.


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